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Amber Rudd resigns over the Windrush Scandal (Executive)

The Home Secretary cited her inadvertent “misleading” of parliament over immigration targets as the reason for her decision to leave the government. Use this example to show how ministers must take “individual ministerial responsibility” for failure in their department or for personal misconduct. Most resignations usually occur as a result of the latter, and so this example is rare due to the fact that Rudd resigned over her political, rather than personal behaviour. You can also use this example to show how collective responsibility is so easily threatened in the current government, with Boris Johnson supposedly arguing for an amnesty to all illegal immigrants who arrived in the UK more than ten years ago. Finally, you could use this example to demonstrate how parliament effectively holds ministers to account, as shown by Rudd’s grilling by Home Affairs Select Committee chairwoman Yvette Cooper, and by opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn at weekly PMQs, where he has consistently raised the issue of Windrush immigrants receiving poor treatment. 

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