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How to avoid getting ripped off by mobile phone companies

We all know that mobile phone companies rip us off. Yet there is one easy thing we can do and that is to terminate our contracts when they come to an end. Citizens Advice has found that customers who fail to take this step end up paying an average £22 more per month. 

Many customers sign up to a new data plan every couple of years, and come out of the shop with a new phone as part of that package. The plan often incorporates the cost of the phone as well as the data. At the end of the contract, usually two years, the phone part of that plan has been paid off, but the telcos don’t tell you that, or if they do it is hidden in the small print. If they had scruples, which some clearly don’t, they would automatically switch you to a cheaper, data only plan, in the acknowledgement that you have paid off the phone part of your contract. That they do not ought to be a matter for the regulators, but in the absence of decent rules, ensure to request the switch yourself. Every month of delay is a month of paying for something you have already paid for, with no right of compensation.

I try and make sure I get my phone separately from the phone carriers, so that such a rip is not possible. Apple runs the iPhone Upgrade programme, which is worth looking into, since it comes bundled with a decent insurance package that is simple to understand. I buy my data plan from a carrier on a roll on, roll off monthly plan, so that I can cancel anytime. It really doesn’t take much more time, and it will save you money.

I'm all in on the iPad Pro

I'm all in on the iPad Pro