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iPad Pro doesn't excite me... Yet

The iPad is my all time favourite Apple product. Its accessibility and usefulness was apparent from the moment I first got my hands on one in 2010. Last year's iPad Air 2 added power, thinness and elegance. This year's iPad Mini 4 serves as the perfect compliment as I place it in a winter coat pocket and am able to take it out on a packed London train to read a iBook, holding it comfortably in one hand

Usually, the brilliance of an Apple product is apparent after five minutes of use at an Apple Store. The new MacBook's butterfly keys and the new Apple TV's Siri remote are case studies in this experiment. That is not to say a five minute hands on constitutes a fair review - the Apple Watch grew on me rather than instantly convincing me of its utility.

So what was my initial reaction to the iPad Pro? In all honesty I don't get it. It seems too big to use comfortably as a "kick back and relax" device and too clunky to use as a laptop replacement. The Apple keyboard is horrible. I liked using the Magic Pencil, but for that price? No doubt the Pro will suit some, but my initial thoughts are that the iPad Pro is not as "magical" as its smaller siblings.

Jeremy Horwitz from 9-5 Mac has this to say:

"I would have been pleased if it had replaced either my iPad Air 2 or my MacBook Pro. But it doesn’t feel like a better alternative to either of them. For the time being, the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2 strike me as much better iPads for most people, and any MacBook at any price will deliver a better computing experience… unless something radically changes with the iPad Pro in 2016."

We shall see, won't we.


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