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Well let’s see how this works on an iPad

Finally, I can use the full desktop version of Safari on an iPad, thanks to iPadOS. Whoop Whoop! Indeed, I have been playing around with iOS 13 and new iPadOS features in Beta for a week or so now, and I have to say that I am mighty impressed. Granted, there was a moment when I thought my iPad was lost for good in brick world, but it came back eventually (betas are buggy folks!). Here are some of the other things to look out for:

  • Time synced Lyrics in the Music App

  • Tip calculations - split the bill with friends using the Apple Watch

  • Activity trends on the watch

  • Decibel level readings on the watch

  • Faster App Store downloads

  • Dark mode (love this!)

  • Swipe keyboard (can I be bothered though?)

  • Notes app gallery view

  • Favourites in Maps

  • Look around in Maps, when it eventually comes my way

  • Sign in with apple + hide email facility to deal with spam email

  • New photo tabs in Photos app - specifically based on years

  • Live radio baked in to Siri - e.g. Siri play BBC Five Live

  • CarPlay dashboard changes

  • Rotate video in Photos app

  • Siri sounds better and Indian Siri!

  • Wi-fi networks in control centre

  • New Slider functions for iPad

  • Multi-window capability in same app

  • Widgets on iPad home screen

  • Scrolling indicator

  • Easier text selection and cursor movements with one finger

  • New swipe gestures to copy, paste and undo

  • New Apple Pencil tools that move around screen

  • Podcasts on Mac

  • iPad as a second display to the Mac

  • Twitter for Mac (the return of)

Cabinet ministers who have previously criticised suspending parliament

Give homes to homeless - it works in Finland

Give homes to homeless - it works in Finland