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EU still up?

EU still up?


09:09: The 72% turnout is another silver lining. Are we coming out of the participation crisis? It is too early to say. On another but related issue, imagine what the result might have been if voting was compulsory. 

09:08: Just as well Cameron is going. Let's face it, he isn't exactly good at negotiating with Europe. 

 09:05: And bang! I am going to have to rip up that AS Politics Scheme of Work. 

08:22: Sam Cam is beside him - he's about to pull the trigger.

08:17 Cameron about to resign? I think he should. It will give the chance for the Leave campaign to own the mess and to be held accountable for it. 

07:40: In my despair I have looked for some comfort in some visionary voices and came across this from Ted Kennedy: "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die." There is no reason why one day we can take our country back. Or should that be can't?

05:23: Scary that Farage's poster actually worked. And which idiot set the referendum on a Thursday, when there was full knowledge that the markets would open on a Friday? 

05:13: Note to all politics students about next year's politics exam: Revise "Popular Versus Parliamentary Sovereignty". 

05:08: It's as bad as the weather - Scotland is now toying with Scotsit

05:06: One way to bring us all together is for David Cameron to walk out of Downing Street and announce his resignation. Better the devil we know though, perhaps, given the potential replacements. 

05:00: My kids will be married off to German nobility. It's the only way they can keep their passports. 

04:56: One thing is obvious - Nissan is off

04:48: Now for some questions. What happens to border-free travel  between Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland? What will replace those subsidies to the poorest areas of the UK and to the scientific community? What happens to all those court decisions that have been decided by the ECJ? I have about 100 more questions, like what will happen to EU food labelling rules, regulations on clean air etc etc. 

04:44: I blame David Beckham for all this. 

04:40: So Birmingham has gone for Leave. The game is up, with the Beeb and ITV calling the result for Brexit. 

04:29: Yay! The good people of Harrow have voted to remain. 

04:25: Great time to visit the UK with the pound so cheap. Will call up my aunt in Boston. 

03:56: Boris' dad is on TV sporting a Remain jersey. If he can make up with his son for heading up the Leave campaign, I suppose I can make up with my family members too. We must unite in times like these... so that somehow we can make it through the recession that their idiocy has plunged us into. No bitterness here. No recrimination. 

03:39: Allegra Stratton and Alastair Campbell are talking about the likelihood of new elections next year. I am not sure why they think that would produce anything other than the same, confused result with weak government and weak opposition. 

03:37: Hart has voted to remain. Nice to see some people still have one. Where the hell is Hart? You really learn a lot about British geography on nights like these.

03:28: Strangely, it looks like Wales is cutting off its nose to spite its face. West Wales receives receives huge amounts of EU aid. Not to worry, the Tory government will step in and make up any shortfall.  

03:25: I fall asleep for a few minutes and wake up to a nightmare - Leave now ahead 300,000. Looks like Britain is turning its back on cheaper mobile roaming charges. 

02:48: I can't see how Cameron stays in Downing Street if Leave win. I just don't think he could be bothered with all the negotiations that follow. He'll have no positive legacy to work towards. If I were him, I would lobby for plum job at the European Commission. 

02:38: ITV is now reporting from the Costa Del Sol. A Leave vote has some serious implications for expats, whether in the form of taxes, pensions, healthcare rights or visa implications. 

02:26: London is coming! Remain is back in the lead with whopping victories in Wandsworth and Lambeth. The Beeb haven't focused on these results yet. Thank heavens for ITV! I never thought I would write that. 

02:22: While the Beeb are rabbiting on about the pound, Remain has taken the lead again. 

02:17: The coasts are opting to Leave. How the hell do I get out of this place when I voted to Remain? The ports are all closing around me. 

02:05: I seem to have lost my sense of humour. Can't think why.

02:03: Corbyn's position is perhaps under threat now as well, given the utter failure of Labour to convince its core vote to opt for remain. 

02:01: What's going on in Wales? Swansea votes to leave. Goodness. 

01:38: The Polish Ambassador says that 800,000 Poles live in the UK. How on earth can we handle these huddled masses? They make up a whopping 1.2% of the population. Shocked, I tell you. Shocked. 

01:30: The winners will need around 16.4 million votes. We have had under a million votes declared so far. 

01:10: "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." The BBC info graphics team, that is. 

01:04: Alastair Campbell gives the best insight of the night so far, lambasting the government for calling the referendum in the first place. I always teach my students to hate referendums. They never agree. Listen. to. your. teachers. kids. 

01:00: John Curtis is truly frightening me with his tales of weather and the impact it has had on turnout in London. He's the kind of guy who says "Yes, there is a hurricane on the way and you are all going to die." Bring back Michael Fish is what I say. 

00:55: Here again come the BBC info graphics. Sorry, Jeremy Vine. We still don't get it. In other news, Swindon narrowly went for Leave but the victory is less emphatic than in Sunderland. I wonder whether there is a North-South divide emerging in England. If that is the case then Labour could be facing meltdown in their heartlands, a not too surprising prospect given that in many northern constituencies UKIP ran the party pretty close at the General Election last year. 

00:36: My dad had a Portuguese passport. Perhaps I could one off the back of that. You can probably tell from my commentary that I am completely calm.  

00: 34: Let's just put things in perspective - we still only have the results of just over 300,000 voters. As mentioned earlier, London is the juggernaut. (update 27th June 2016: ignore all my comments about London).

00:33: Glad I fixed my mortgage last week.

00:30: Goodness how things have changed. Now Labour's John McDonnell is on ITV and talking about all the emergency measures the Chancellor and Bank of England will have to do following Brexit. 

00:27: I'm thinking that if Farage can win or nearly win, then Trump has a good chance in the US. 

00:25: The pound has utterly tanked. Now everyone can buy our stuff cheap. Nothing to do with immigrants. 

23:44: Nigel Farage has again made his principled stand against high voter turnout. Extending the deadline for voter registration was an outrageous betrayal of all those who rely on political apathy. I am shocked, I tell you. Shocked. 

23:59: Squeaky bum time for Remain - Newcastle is an effective dead heat. Maybe Gove was right when he told us not to rely on "experts" telling you what will happen. He clearly led by example when he introduced his education reforms. 

23:48: I have said all along today that London is the key. It is by far the largest city with an increasingly progressive leaning. Expect it to break for Remain in large numbers. Cities are the key to this referendum and London is the juggernaut.  

23:28: Britain is truly a 50/50 nation. Around about 15 million people voted for centre right or right wing parties at the 2015 General Election, while roughly 13 million voted for centrist or left wing groups. The Tories made much of their clear mandate from the electorate but in reality the sums pointed to something different: a nation utterly divided in terms of values, priorities and outlook. The referendum on Britain's EU membership reveals the split in even greater clarity. There appears to be two competing visions of what people want this country to be. One view is wary of outsiders and expresses concern about being left behind by economic changes, while another is more confident and at at ease with cultural variety. The two visions appear to transcend party affiliation and class, yet are quite firmly linked to age and education. 

23:19: Now over to Aljazeera, where a You Gov pollster is predicting a Remain win. Get this wrong, You Gov, and you're toast. 

23:12: Interesting that the current Northern Ireland Secretary, Theresa Villiers, thinks she can continue on in that role given her support for Leave, which, if realised, will lead to a new border between the North and South. I always thought that the divided communities in Belfast might benefit from a bridge rather than a wall, but that's just my head talking. 

23:06: Take Back Control was a catchy slogan for the Leave campaign. FFS just look at the [insert expletive] was far better in getting people to realise just who would have control. 

22:53: The Beeb have spent the last 20 minutes explaining how their info graphics will work once the results come in. If you spend 20 minutes explaining how your info graphics will work then someone, somewhere, is getting fired. My money is on the info graphics team. 

22:49: Newcastle and Sunderland are in a race to declare their results first. Not sure that democracy ought to be rushed. Mind you, the campaign has resembled a scrappy relegation dogfight. 

22:42: Riveting conversation now on BBC with Labour's Tom Watson. "I just don't know what will happen". Increidble insight from the shadow Deputy Prime Minister. 

22:38 Got to admire Farage, if reports are correct. He appears to have admitted that the Leave campaign were basing their hopes on a low turnout. I admire the honesty of the man.  Such integrity. Maybe he'll stand by a poster of a polling station with hoardes of white collar workers, polling card in hand. 

22:33 They are talking about farming on ITV. Anyone up for that? Most of my time at the European Commission was spent reading the Western Morning News and responding to dubious stories about yoghurt regulation. Don't suppose you'd be up for that, either?  

22:15: The pound is up, which means no one is going to buy our stuff. Clearly immigrants to blame here.  

22:02: Welcome to my coverage of the EU referendum. The latest You Gov poll shows that Britain will narrowly decide to remain a member of the group that brought us clean beach laws, leading to Germans coming over here and taking our sunbeds. Intrigued to see how Brighton votes tonight. 





























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