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The case for an Apple Watch upgrade programme

Apple needs a Watch upgrade programme for existing wearers, writes 9-5 Mac's Zac Hall:


"Personally, I’m excited to see if the next model can handle apps better with a needed speed boost and maybe lose a little overall thickness and display bezel. But while I’m basically already lining up to buy the next Apple Watch, I probably won’t spend the extra $200 on a stainless steel model this time if it’s is going to be an annual product upgrade. And for most Apple Watch customers, buying a new model will probably be an every 2 or 3 year event if that.

A proper Apple Watch Upgrade Program could easily encourage current owners to buy the latest hardware every year (everyone using the latest generation helps the overall product’s reputation) and encourage new customers to splurge on higher-priced models. There would be other benefits as well… Finance or lease a new Apple Watch every year, trade-in your old one to Apple and receive credit toward the new model, and put Apple in charge of an official market for very affordable, refurbished Apple Watches that don’t go to nwaste while responsibly recycling the bad parts."

 I couldn't agree more. I would happily join such a scheme, especially a more comprehensive one that allows annual upgrades for all of Apple's products.




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