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Work harder, Jeb Bush tells Americans

This is Jeb's economic plan to increase US output. Louis Ferleger and Mathew Lavallee have a much better argument, and one that is supported by facts and international comparisons: give American workers a pay rise and more time off. Productivity will rise. This is what happens in Norway. 

The Salon journalists write: 

"Americans work a lot; in fact, they spend more hours on the job than workers in many other industrialized countries. But many have wondered if working even more hours might boost economic growth rates. Simply put, does working longer hours help the economy? GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush has recently chastised American workers, saying, “People should work longer hours.” The truth is, there’s not much economic justification for that view.

An international comparison of worker productivity versus workers’ average annual hours suggests an answer to the question. As it turns out, workers in the countries with the highest economic output actually labor fewer hours than countries where workers toil more."

Source: DonkeyHotey

Source: DonkeyHotey

The migration crisis and how to solve it

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