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Show me the Waze

Apple Maps still isn't clever enough and Google maps gets things wrong all the time as far as I am concerned. Enter Waze, a crowd-sourced mapping and navigation app that just keeps getting better thanks to its community of "Wazers" who share what they are seeing in real time on the roads. In a built up city like London it has proved invaluable as other drivers using the app alert fellow Wazers to traffic jams, closed roads and temporary traffic lights. The app then re-routes the driver as soon as a quicker alternative becomes apparent.

I have been testing the Waze all summer and I have found it virtuously flawless, save for the rather busy UI that can be a little distracting and once made me go head on into the heavy traffic that it was in actual fact trying to make me avoid. That unfortunate event aside, Waze has saved me bags of time. I have found that the ETAs given at the start of even a long journey tend to be pretty much ball park. There is something deeply comforting in the knowledge that you are highly likely to be traveling the fastest route, and that there is a versatile assistant to ensure that this happens for the duration. It is also fun to discover that there is a quicker way home down a road you didn't realize existed, which is what happened to me today. 

Waze is a real contender for App of the Year, not least because it will force its competitors to improve. Apple, Google, over to you.



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