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Jeb's daddy no dead rubber

The Bush family was for family planning before it was against it, according to a Mother Jones report. Jeb Bush's grandfather lost a Senatorial election in 1950 owing to his support for the Birth Control Society, while Jeb's father actively promoted use of contraceptives while serving as US Ambassador to the UN. Yet Bush Snr's views on abortion, and groups like Planned Parenthood, clearly evolved once he saw conservatives in primaries didn't care much for people nicknamed "rubber Bush". His sons followed suit. George stripped the UN of funding for the kinds of programmes his dad established, and proposed "abstinence only" sex education. Jeb, meanwhile, cut funding for Planned Parenthood whilst Governor of Florida. 

It does seem odd that in the same year that America has accepted and promoted rights for gays, many of its presidential candidates continue to promote restrictions on the rights of women. How this will play out amongst ordinary women voters will define who wins in 2016. 
Jeb Bush signed a law to create "Choose Life" lisence plates in Florida

Jeb Bush signed a law to create "Choose Life" lisence plates in Florida

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