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The royal family and the Nazis

 It is rare that this writer agrees with anything in The Sun, but it was right about releasing a video showing the Queen performing a Nazi salute. Buckingham Palace cannot and should not be able to hide the past. This point of view is not a reflection on a six year old girl who was told by a barmy uncle to salute to the camera. It does, however, indicate that such Nazi sympathies went beyond Edward VIII and were not uncommon amongst the elite. How else to explain the much-loved Queen Mother doing the same thing as her innocent daughter, in the same video? 

There is also the excuse that no one knew what the Nazis were up to in 1933, the year this film was made. That is at best mistaken and at worst a lie. In the same year, Charlie Chaplin was trying to convince the world about Hitler and his evils, culminating, years later, in Chaplin's starring role as The Great Dictator. Hitler had published Mein Kampf long before. Everyone knew what they wanted to do and had started to do. Some members of the British establishment condoned it, including members of the royal family. 




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