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Stupid people make stupid money

Children who perform poorly on test scores at aged 5 end up doing well anyway, according to the UK Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission. There is just one, small catch - this really only applies to those who attend private school and whose parents are well off. The Brookings Institution published some of the Commission's findings on its blog. It tries, partly unsuccessfully, to make some sense of it all. For instance, there is a misguided assumption that the standard of teaching is better in private schools, and that it could be this that makes up for the initial under performance. Brookings acknowledges but underplays the significance of connections.  We could ascertain from the chart below that quite a lot of stupid people are allowed to make a lot of money, and are only allowed to do so because of whose families they rub shoulders with at the school gates, and who daddy plays with on the golf course. This is just an assumption, mind. 



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