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Apple Pay UK is Go; HSBC is not

It really is that simple - a double tap of the side button on an Apple Watch or a holding of a thumb on the iPhone home button. The tube barriers open; the transaction is made. It is a shame that HSBC left it until this morning to announce that as a UK "launch partner" it was not going to let its customers actually participate in using Apple Pay. Not on launch day, anyway. It is the equivalent of winning a silver ticket that you were told was gold, and which doesn't get you into the Wonka factory quite yet, but allows you to watch on while Mike Teevee saunters up to gates, all cap guns and yee-haws. On its own it is no big deal, but this is a bank that threatens to leave the UK over bank levies while advising richer clients on how to evade tax. It treats the rest of us with contempt, as highlighted by its boss who has a nifty Swiss bank account to enjoy while some intern, somewhere this morning, was having to cobble together a response to a barrage of tweets from perplexed customers, asking why their cards weren't connecting to their phones. 

It is a truly hateful bank. 

Luckily, I was able to register a card from a different bank, and once that short task was completed (the passbook app simply scans the card), I left my house and headed to the train station, Apple Watch at the ready. Straight away, I appreciated the ease of use, the convenience of not having to get out my wallet and the wow factor of technology that "just works". 

Perhaps it will free up enough time, cumulatively, to finally sit down and get on with leaving HSBC for good. Did I say that HSBC is a truly hateful bank? 


A quick double tap of the side button and away you go

A quick double tap of the side button and away you go

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