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Of Note: Clips


The best apps are the ones that see something which isn't being done, or is being done but badly, and allows the user to perform one simple task that makes everything easier. Enter Clips, which has just added Apple Watch support. It allows you to add text and photos to a clipboard for later use, much like word processing applications on PCs and Macs. The "clips" you make are synced across your devices (through an in-app purchase), ready for use in any way you see fit. On iPad and iPhone, the user can be, say, typing an email, and want to paste multiple quotes and links from other emails and websites. Instead of going back into all of these, a simple pull down from the top of any screen allows them to access the Clips' today widget, and to paste to their heart's content. 



Clips has a Today widget clipboard  

Clips has a Today widget clipboard  

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