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Coop Footie

FC United of Manchester are setting out to challenge the ruling football elite. Established as a cooperative that is owned and run by 4000 fans, the club's origins stem from a rejection of oligarchical ownership and corporate dominance of football teams. They were not content with simply watching the Glazier family subsume Manchester United into a debt-ridden business model. FC United's recent friendly with Benfica to inaugurate a football-league ready stadium symbolises the club's ambition, and could serve as an alternative model to run the game. A brief search of the club's website confirms this: Under 18s pay on £2 entrance fee; the club pays all its employees a living wage; it refuses to negotiate with players' agents; all sponsorship and merchandise revenue goes back into the club, rather than the pockets of individual owners; it uses fair trade footballs.



  FC United of Manchester

 FC United of Manchester

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