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The Source: George Best was no Robin Friday


Sent to a juvenile prison when he was 15, and almost killed when he fell on a spike that 'went up his arse'. These were the unlikely beginnings of one of the most gifted, yet little known stars of his generation, Robin Friday. There are clear parallels with Manchester United legend George Best, although Friday, it seems, was even wilder, especially if we leave in some of the more dubious and uncorroborated stories (did he or did he not defecate in Mark Lawrenson's kit bag?), contained in the first in a series of off season podcasts by The Guardian's Football Weekly. Recounted here are moments of football genius, where he hits the ball against a corner flag and lets the ball run back through his legs to surprise two defenders who collide with each other. The off the field antics are equally bizarre, his wife confirming that Friday's mates laced the punch at their wedding with LSD. He remains a cult hero to fans of Reading and Cardiff football clubs, but sadly died of his afflictions at the age of 38.


A compelling documentary.   

Friday walked out of football at the age of 25

Friday walked out of football at the age of 25

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