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Brixton Windmill

It is synonymous with urban life, yet Brixton has a few hidden treasures that appear out of place for this intensely busy town at the end of London's Victoria line. One of these is a working flour mill. Open to the public at the weekends after being refurbished with the help of lottery funds, the Brixton Windmill will celebrate its 200th birthday next year. It was built just after the battle of Waterloo, when national grain prices skyrocketed. Yet the owners sold their flour at affordable rates. Naturally, the mill "ran out of wind" as, by 1860, surrounding developments got in the way of the elements. 

A working windmill in Brixton

A working windmill in Brixton

This is is a really good place to take children, who learn about history, science and agriculture all in one quick tour. Recommended. 



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