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There is no voter fraud in America, only racism


Republicans are not passing laws to prevent voter fraud, but to restrict the size of the electorate, keeping it as white and middle class as possible. As Markos Moulitsas notes in his excellent article for The Hill:

“A constitutional law professor at Loyola University in Los Angeles last year found since 2000 in both primary and general elections just 31 incidents of alleged voter fraud — out of over 1 billion votes cast. Even fewer were actually prosecuted. A News21 investigation found just 10 cases of voter impersonation since 2000, and only 159 guilty verdicts in cases involving ineligible voters (like felons or noncitizens illegally voting).”

If measures such as the Texas voter ID law, which was  upheld by the conservatives on the Supreme Court, were really about preventing fraud, then one would expect the problem to be widespread. Moulitsas shows that it is not. Again he writes: 

“If Republicans truly believed they were the national majority, they would fight for expanded voting rights and opportunities. Instead, they have engaged in a persistent nationwide effort to limit the franchise and size of the voting pool.”

They would support automatic voting registration drives, like the one in Oregon. The problem is, they want an electorate that will support their policies, rather than have policies that suit the people. 




Oregon automatically registers anyone over 18 with a driving license 

Oregon automatically registers anyone over 18 with a driving license 


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