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Something borrowed, something new


The good folks at iMore have made a wish list of Apple Watch features they would love to see transported to iPhone, not least giving the user more options at the lock screen and the ability to press hard (force touch) to bring up options inside apps.

There are so many things this first generation watch does well. The battery life and charging mechanism are great. The notifications, force touch technology and fitness tracking have proven convenient and useful. The ability to swap out bands for different occasions is rather addictive. Indeed, I am really enjoying my Apple Watch, yet here are some of the things on my wish list for the second generation. Some of these things can be dealt with using a software update for the first generation watch. 

  • A waterproof as well as a water resistant watch. How great would it be to have the fitness app measure how far you are swimming?
  • A watch that talks to your other devices as well as your iPhone. There have been times when I have been listening to something on my iPad and would like to control it through the watch, just like I can do with my phone.
  • The ability to cut the cord with iPhone and have the watch operate as a standalone device with built in GPS and internet connection. It is annoying to have to carry your phone on a run, even if this is not strictly necessary.
  • I am hoping that third party apps will get the ability to store data on the device. I can only stream podcasts at the moment - it would be far more user friendly to have them download in the background and have them available to listen to offline.



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One Watch to control them all

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