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Please run for president, Senator Warren


For many Democrats, Warren embodies the progressive cause

For many Democrats, Warren embodies the progressive cause

I wish Elizabeth Warren would run for president. Her recent interview with Jon Stewart was both illuminating and engaging, and for those of a progressive persuasion, whetted the appetite for a presidential bid. Student loans, claimed the Massachusetts Senator, have a higher rate of interest than some of the loans that the big banks have taken from the federal government. Indeed, the federal government makes $66 billion in profit from graduates, an "obscene" situation. If the interest on college tuition was reduced, it would serve as a boon to a flagging US economy, as young people would have more money to spend. It would also be fairer. 

Contrast Warren's razor sharp focus on some of the fundamental issues in American life with Hillary Clinton's hitherto bland campaign, not to mention the emerging farce on the Republican side. Her candidacy is needed more now than ever. 





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