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The Source: No Lovelace between Deepthroat and Nixon

If Ken Rudin doesn't know something about US politics it probably isn't worth knowing. I loved his first foray into podcasting with NPR's It's All Politics. He now has his own show, The Political Junkie, which gives comprehensive coverage of campaigns and election trails. This week, he goes back in time to look at the best political gaffes, and also revisits the Watergate scandal, informing the listener that Deepthroat, the mysterious source who gave information to to Washington Post duo Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, did so out of spite towards Nixon rather than out of any sense of national duty. Later revealed as Mark Felt, Deepthroat worked as number 2 in the FBI, but was passed over for the top job when J. Edgar Hoover died. Without this disgruntled employee, it is unlikely Nixon would ever have been forced to resign. 


Mark Felt - Deepthroat

Mark Felt - Deepthroat

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