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Raiders of Iraq

 Nicolas Pelham expertly details the hypocrisy of ISIS:  

 Behind their lofty pretensions to defend monotheism, ISIS zealots, it turns out, are petty tomb-raidersThe video that ISIS circulated of its demolition job on Mosul’s antiquities museum in February 2015 was designed to market what it did not destroy. Of the thirty original pieces in the museum’s Hatra hall, according to al-Jumaili, the ISIS jihadis had hacked at ten. They had not filmed the prehistoric, Islamic, and priceless Assyrian halls, because those artifacts were for sale. Their rampage through the Hatra hall, al-Jumaili surmised, was designed to boost demand and hike prices on the black market. An Iraqi government adviser estimated that the caliphate might have already earned hundreds of millions of dollars from its sales of Assyrian remains. ISIS, the adviser told me, is the world’s best-financed terrorist organization, worth an estimated $8 billion. 

The destruction of Mosul museum

The destruction of Mosul museum

 The rest of Pelham's excellent article can be found here.

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