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When will there be a gay president?

Former Congressman Barney Frank is openly gay. He had a career in the US House of Representatives campaigning for civil rights, to counter the rush to ill thought-out wars in the Middle East, to improve provision for vulnerable people and to stymie the influence of Wall Street. His autobiogrpahy is reviewed by Gary Wills in the current issue of the NY Review of Books, who reflects upon what it was like to work with the brash Bosonian who is willing Elizabeth Warren to run for president:

 I said to him... that I was sorry I would never be able to vote for him as the first gay president of the United States. After reading this book, I am sorrier than ever.

The Supreme Court is due to rule on allowing gay marriage across all 50 states. It is a case that is likely to reflect the dramatic shift in attitudes towards gay equality. This could and should culminate one day in the election of America's first gay president. It may not be Barney Frank, but partly as a result of his endevours, it will happen. 


Former Congressman Barney Frank

Former Congressman Barney Frank

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