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Neville Cameron? 

Neville Cameron? 

The Guardian's Politics Weekly has an interesting take David Cameron's pledge to hold a referendum on Britain's EU membership. His difficultly lies in his insistence on EU reform, which he will have a hard time persuading embattled politicians of other member states to go along with, not least because any meaningful reform will likely require that they too consult their unruly populations. It is perhaps more likely that Cameron will call for better enforcement of existing treaties and laws, such as requiring EU immigrants to leave if they haven't found a job. He could get meaningless assurances on that and sell it to a public that is already leaning towards staying in the club. Whether his eurosceptic MPs will fall for it is another matter. Either way, this is clearly the biggest gamble of any British prime minister, apart from the invasion of Iraq, since the 1956 Suez Crisis. 

On the The Spectator's View from 22, there is a healthy debate about the Human Rights Act. While this right-leaning podcast often promotes ideas I disagree with, I admire it for effort to bring in contrasting opinion, including Greg Callus who points out that the Human Rights Act already allows British judges broad discretion on whether to implement European Court of Human Rights rulings (this is why prisoners still do not have the right to vote), and that people should not trust politicians to safeguard rights anymore than judges.

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