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Of Note - Drafts 4

Occasionally, I will post my comments about an IOS app that I love. How apt it is to kick start this new “Of Note” column with a note taking app – Drafts 4. It was one of the first to take advantage of the new functionality in IOS 8, allowing users to access a widget in the notification centre. What does this mean for the novice? You can swipe down with one finger on the lock screen of an iPad or iPhone, and a simple tap will bring up a blank page to write down some notes. Drafts is wonderful for its simplicity. Any note taken syncs with all your IOS devices, and you can also view them on an Apple Watch. Notes can be stored in a cloud service like Dropbox, or in the behemoth of notes depositories, Evernote.

Just in the past week, I have used Drafts to do the following:

• Take notes at an appointment with the doctor.

• Plan a monthly budget and update it on the fly when I spend something. 

• Plan 3 lessons for my students and save the plans to dropbox so that I can use these plans again next year. 

• Take the minutes on an interview panel for new teachers.

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