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Watch update

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop argues that the only way to truly review the Apple Watch is to see not what the sales figures are, but whether those who are buying them are still using them six months from now. Thus, perhaps my review was a bit premature, and maybe it would be better instead to provide occasional updates on my own usage. Some 24 days in and I am still finding it pretty useful, if not quite "magical". It is still very dependent on a) third party apps that work and b) an iPhone. The latter has proved rather frustrating, given the fact that I want to listen to podcasts when I go running and can't unless I take my iPhone 6 Plus with me. A first world problem for sure (and one that early adopters were warned about), but a problem nonetheless. 

However, the watch currently does a few things very well. I love the fitness app, not least because it is geared towards normal people rather than fitness fanatics. I have learned, or rather have had it confirmed, just what an active job being a teacher really is. I also find notifications, particularly for emails and texts, are less annoying and more helpful on the watch, as they can be quickly triaged and dealt with. It has made me more responsive; the notifications do not feel intrusive. The third and final thing I am enjoying is the simple act of telling the time. In some ways, this piece of tech has helped me perform a very simple task that having a phone actually made more complicated. 

Here are some notable apps that continue to enrich the experience:

  • Twitter allows a quick glance at what is trending
  • Shazam is brilliant on the watch - no fiddling and faffing when finding the name to that song in the background. 
  • Memoir is a lovely app that lets you see what you were doing way back when, either with a picture or with a reference to something you wrote on a social network. It is a heartwarming, if nostalgic, way to start the day. 



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