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iPad Air 2 versus iPad Mini 4

Jason Snell has fallen in love with the iPad Air 2. It is the device that benefits most from IOS 9, with a split view mode that allows for genuine multi-tasking. The Six Colours blogger, writing on Macworld, goes on to explain why he is so impressed: 

"Not only is the iPad Air 2 insanely fast—even a year later, with the release of the A9-powered iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, its speed is impressive, thanks to its extra processor core. The onboard 2GB of RAM also mean that switching between apps is fluid and I don’t have to wait nearly as often for apps to re-load after being killed in the background due to a memory shortage."

The only dilemma now is whether to switch back to the iPad Mini, the device that Jason used to prefer.

"The iPad mini 4 is close to a match for the iPad Air 2 in terms of screen and speed, and it’s still got all of the small-size benefits that the iPad mini line has been offering all along. It’s so tempting. And I know if I held one in my hands for a couple of hours, I would be perilously close to switching back."

I think there is room for both the larger and smaller devices in my last fe. The Mini 4 is so light that reading is a delight on a commute. Yet the Air 2 is far better for doing what I am doing right now - typing this blogpost in IOS 9's newly designed notes app that is open side- by-side with Jason's article. Of course, I could do this on the Mini 4, but it is a little less comfortable with the smaller screen. 

If I had to choose one, it would probably be the Air 2. Just. 



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