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Bring back Deadwood

There are few TV series I could ever give a 10/10 rating to. Yet with just a few episodes to go in Deadwood, Series 3, I have already made my mind up. The show that was cancelled by HBO is up there with, and is perhaps even better than, The Wire and The Sopranos. Shakespeare with swear words, as one critic described it. Set at the time of the gold rush in a frontier town full of violence and unhealthy living, Deadwood is social history lesson meets gut-wrenching character study, with Ian McShane's despicable Al Swearengen (Lovejoy this is not) living long in the viewer's memory. Pete Cashmore, writing in The Guardian, states the case in favour of a series return 

"One thing we’ve discovered in the nine years since the stage rolled out of town is that, to put it kindly, HBO is not the best at providing a happy finish. The Sopranos is the obvious example; Boardwalk Empire was pretty underwhelming; while the whole fifth season of The Wire felt a bit like a misty-eyed tribute to the sanctity of good journalism; and many hold the view that True Detective is stretching out its own disappointing finale across an entire series. A Deadwood film could afford HBO the chance to provide a grand finale that those other shows failed to deliver... I want to see Al Swearengen die shrieking magnificent profanities on a railway line as his spilled intestines gleam like the gold in them there hills."

I second that "c@&k su@king" motion. 



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The original "Gem" 

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