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My prediction

As a political obsessive, I have poured over every poll, watched every minute of every debate, and followed the Twitter stream #GE2015 as if my life depended on it. And now here we are - polling day UK.

I think Ed Miliband will be the next prime minister. While Labour may not have as many seats as the Conservatives, I do not think Cameron will be able to command anything like the support he needs in the House of Commons. I do not think Labour will be a) willing in the case of the SNP or b) able in the case of the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition, but will be able to govern on a vote by vote basis. I am going to stick my neck out even further and state that I do not think there will be another election anytime soon.

I was wrong about Bush V Kerry in 2004. I may well be wrong about 2015. Let's see.


Update 9th May: I have waited two days just in case all this turned out to be a nightmare. Alas, it is. The only thing I am correct about is that there is indeed not likely to be an election until 2020.


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