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Just like us

A few things to expect from the UK General Election 2015:

Cameron will try not to wear a tie all the time in a bid to show he is just like us.

Miliband will try to wear a tie a lot to show he is prime ministerial. When he is not wearing a tie he wear a jumper, to show that he IS THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD, HELL YES!

Clegg will be interviewed an awful lot because no other poor sod from the Liberal Democrats wants to be associated with this election. He has already been photographed with a hedgehog, so clearly, he is just like us.

The SNP's Nicola Sturgeon will hide Alex Salmond in a cupboard because he really does want to change the meaning of 'us', and while she does too, she just seems so nice.

Natalie Bennett from the Green Party will stay away from too many interviews just in case this happens again.

Nigel Farage will drink an awful lot of beer.


The year is 1959

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