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iPad Air 2 - a review

I have been using the iPad Air 2 since the beginning of November. In almost every way it retains, and improves upon, the wonder of using all the previous incarnations of Apple’s audacious tablet. The original iPad felt truly unique to anything that had come before. There was a wow factor to it. Following that, the iPad 2, was lighter and faster, and proved to be workhorse. The next few versions were iterative updates. A retina screen here; a smaller bezel there. At some point though, iteration reaches an end point. The minor improvements, taken as a whole, establish an experience that is so far removed from the initial revolution that it feels like another coup attempt. Enter the iPad Air 2. It is again lighter, the screen is sharper, everything is faster and yes, gold is sexy. I use it for work whereas before I just used it to kick back. Its improved memory means websites don’t have to constantly reload. Gameplay doesn’t suffer lag - Telltale’s Game of Thrones is truly immersive as a result. With IOS 8 I can make phone calls and send texts. Indeed, taking the software and improved hardware together, this is perhaps the most convenient device Apple has ever produced, save perhaps for the new iPhone. I still like the way I feel when I use an iPad. The new version is a delight to use, especially with Touch ID and all the other little pieces (improved FaceTime camera; a notification centre that’s actually useful). Steve Jobs’ assertion that the iPad was a “truly magical device” is no longer an overstatement.

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