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I am not Charlie

There are those who are free speech fanatasists, who believe that even Nazis have the right to say what they want. And there are those who are real Nazis, or in Saudi Arabia's case, Wahabists, who shut down free speech, doling out lashes to bloggers. Dan Carlin argues that you don't have to choose either extreme. The host of Common Sense and the wonderful Hardcore History podcasts has crystallised my feelings towards the recent tragic events in Paris. We are all on a scale of what we think about this. Charlie Hebdo, its offensive brand of satire, and those who have no problem with that, would be on one end (call it 1), while those who perpetrated the horrors against it would be on the other (let's say they are a 10). It's okay to be somewhere in between - to hate what happened to those poor souls at Charlie Hebdo but to feel queasy at the front page of its latest edition. It's okay to be, say, a number 3 on that scale, to love free speech but to recognise its perils, while at the same time attending rallies in solidarity against extremism.

It's okay not to be Charlie.

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