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If it were just about the cuts...

The gap between the wealthy and the poor would not be growing.

Those paying the most would have been those who were the most responsible for the economic crash - the banks and the city.

The government would acknowledge that it was bad debts in the private sector, not the public sector, which caused the financial problems.

The housing bubble would not have been allowed to reinflate. A million homes would have been built since the 2010 election and rent control would have been introduced. 

The public-run approach would have been adopted more in the NHS than the private contractors-run approach.

Access to education would have been championed as a way to improve long term economic growth and to prevent people falling in to relying on handouts - thus the EMA for students would have been kept. 

Libraries would not have been shuttered.  The biggest library building programme occurred in the 1940s, when money was far tighter than today

School building schemes would not have been halted.

But this is not just about the cuts, is it? 

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