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Boy, 4, plays with Mac from 1984

Meandering along London's South Bank always throws up a few surprises. I didn't bring buckets and spades because, well, winter. Yet we played along the beach opposite Gabriel's Wharf that I hadn't realised existed and marvelled at the artists creating sand sculptures. Then we watched BMX stunts and tossed in a few coins to the bucket. On we went into the South Bank centre for lunch, to find an exhibition on computers past and present. My son sat down at an old BBC Acorn computer and banged upon the keys. He is too young to read the BASIC programming manual that rested next to this device so it wasn't long before we pootled over to another antique - the ZX Spectrum. Yet he walked straight past this to a monitor that had a funny, mouse-shaped object attached to it,  and a graphical interface that felt very familiar. Without any instruction he pointed the cursor towards a tab at the top of the screen and started moving the mouse to draw something in some kind if paintbrush app. It was all so intuitive. The Apple Macintosh of 1984 still feels so peculiarly liberating. Not at all what Orwell had envisioned.

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