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Little England

It is rather depressing to think that in three years time, the UK could have a coalition whereby UKIP either holds the balance the power (still unlikely despite recent polling) or a Tory minority administration that continually panders to its base (quite likely) in order to cling to power. The UK could have left the EU, and through ill conceived notions of English votes on English laws (there's no such thing as such a thing implies English laws have no effect on the budgets of the UK's other constituent parts), have a southern-England-dominated parliament that is illiberal, reactionary and isolationist. 

The only way to stop this is if the progressive elements of our politics gain traction, and work together regardless of party logo. It means not voting for any right wing party. It means forming a coalition of internationalists, socialists, liberals and green. And these groups need to promise something far more radical than hitherto they have managed. They should start by actively extolling the virtues of Britain's EU membership. 

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