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IOS 8: Quite handy

Techy people are not often associated with swagger. Yet Apple's Vice President Craig Federighi had just that when unveiling new operating systems at the company's developer conference, WWDC, last week. Such nerdy confidence has not been seen since perhaps Microsoft relaunched Windows in the late 1990s. It was a delight to watch a celebration of difficult things made simple. One word that kept being said was "handy". When listening to Federighi describe the forthcoming IOS 8, this seemed quite apt. Here is a list of things thatI will find quite useful on my iPhone and IPad:
  1. The ability to make phone calls and send text messages (even to non Apple users) on my iPad.
  2. The use of even better filters in the iPhone's camera app (especially now third party developers can integrate all their user features into it through "extensions").
  3. Quick replying to things without leaving apps or having to go into an app, all through a newly improved notification centre.
  4. Turning on "instant hotspot" on my iPad without having to fool around with my iPhone first. This will be of great use on my commute to work.
  5. Using the new iCloud Drive to organise my work, instead of Dropbox.
In addition, I think it is quite likely I'll use Apple's Spotlight search instead of Google, and the messaging app may replace the need for WhatsApp. I'll probably use Siri more, given its slow but continuous improvement since it's release. All in all, it feels like Apple has really listened to what users of its products want. I hope that, come September, all the things that it has announced will come to pass.

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