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Hacked off

So Andy Coulson, former editor of the News of the World and one time David Cameron spin doctor, is found guilty of authorising phone hacking, which even involved accessing the voicemails of a missing teenage, Milly Dowler (later found murdered). Yet this is being treated as the end of the affair when it should just be the beginning. Michael White of The Guardian notes that it is hardly surprising how a working class boy from Essex is made to fall on his sword while those higher up the chain carry on as before. This is not to suggest for one minute that Coulson should be treated with any kind of sympathy, but to instead to point out that his boss Robert Murdoch continues to expand his wealth. Nothing has really changed, as illustrated by The Sun's far from remorseful reporting on the acquittal of its former editor, Rebekah Brooks. I wonder how Milly Dowler's parents feel about that.




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