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I will probably use Evernote forever

To be honest, I don't particularly enjoy using Evernote. The interface is still IO7 unfriendly, despite the recent update. The layout is messy and, well, I just don't much like the colour green. Yet I appreciate the fact that when I go to a meeting I can just open the Evernote app and it has already got a note open with the title of the meeting that I am about to partake in (so long as said meeting has been put in my phone's calendar). It's also great for storing all kinds of documents, including web clips and PDF files. No, I don't enjoy using Evernote, but I really do recognise the necessity of its existence. It's a bit like my relationship with any kind of DIY tool - my heart sinks when I know I've got to use one for some obscure task that takes over a Saturday. Yet I appreciate what a hammer can do. Others, of course, love hammers.


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