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The Romnesians

Every year I ask my students to write for my blog, summarising their thoughts of US politics. The best effort is published below.
The Democrat’s healthcare scheme supports public funding for stem cell research and most Democrats favour the expansion of health insurance coverage which allows more people to access free health care. However those suffering from Romnesia hold the idea that Obamacare is harmful to citizens and also require citizens to purchase health insurance which they believe to be unconstitutional. Famous outspoken Republican Rush Limbaugh called a woman who wanted contraception in her health plan a ‘slut’.

Let us now move onto the issue of torture, Guantanamo Bay and Waterboarding. Romney has spoken for Guantanamo Bay remaining open: "Guantanamo Bay plays an important role in protecting our nation from violent, heinous terrorists,” and essentially accepts causing the pain and emotional trauma the Republicans describe as ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’. On the other hand most Democratic politicians believe the US should abide by the Geneva Convention in humane treatment of prisoners. Obama has said he will close Guantanamo Bay. However he has failed in this process because he has nowhere to house the harmful terrorists. More importantly, where is the compromise between the two parties?

The Democrats favour women’s rights over pro-life, as all women should have the right to birth control and contraception. Obama is pro-choice, although he says he’s not pro-abortion. He believes in a women’s right to choose. He is also a supporter of Planned Parenthood. According to Obama’s website, he “has repeatedly stood behind a woman’s right to choose.” The Republicans have dictated that they have the right to choose whether a woman can have access to contraception, they have decided ‘no’ to contraception, ‘no’ to abortion and ‘yes’ to pro-life. Republicans have attempted to defund Planned Parenthood, one of the largest providers of women’s health services in the USA, and are thus trying to limit women’s rights. Political analyst and commentator, Taylor Marsh, said women had the potential to swing the election to one side or the other. She was right, thankfully.

By Amy Woodall & Cheyenne Ferry

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