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The Angry Elephants

And so the election really wasn't very close at all (for about the first time ever I called it right). Even in the popular vote Obama won by more than 2.5 million votes. The electoral college map shows that Obama's 2008 victories deep into traditionally conservative states were no flukes. The Republicans are in deep trouble now going forward, as the Votemaster (who predicted 49/50 states correctly) suggests:

"Demographically, the Republican Party's base is angry, old white men. That is no formula for future victories. Democrats did well with women, Latinos, and young people. Unless the Republicans stop trying to repeal both Roe v. Wade and Griswold v. Connecticut, they are not going to improve their standing with women. If Obama makes a big effort at passing immigration reform and either gets it or has it go down on a party-line vote in the House, the Republicans can write off Latinos for a generation. As to young people, political identities are set early. Twenty somethings who have now voted for the Democrats twice aren't going to be easy to peal away unless the Republicans can pull an elephant out of the hat."

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