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Beware the extremist

The frustrating thing about modern elections are the opaqueness of message. How is it possible to know exactly what a politician will be like in office once they are elected, when they come out with statements like "I am a pretty decent guy" or, like Mitt Romney just said, "Everyone knows where I was born," a petty attempt to rejuvenate the birther movement that cast doubt on Obama's Americanness. Little wonder that turnout at this year's presidential election is likely to be well down on 2008. Yet there is a simple way to predict actual intent: Follow the detail.
Polly Toynbee once noted that David Cameron was far more specific about his right wing beliefs (remember tax breaks for married couples and not for single parents) then he was about his "compassionate" Conservatism, which consisted largely of touchy-feely rhetoric and the hugging of hoodies. Cut through the language and all you get is garbage, for Cameron is leading the most right wing government since World War 2.
Similarly, this is how we must attempt to crystal ball a president Romney. He is supposedly the moderate choice. Yet a quick look at the extremists he was running against in his primary campaign and it is possible to say that even George W Bush would be considered moderate to that lot. Romney has failed to utter a centrist word on his campaign trail. He has been all to happy to instead rally against abortion, against gay marriage and against ridding America of tax breaks for the wealthiest of Americans. He is against covering the hitherto 45 million Americans without healthcare insurance, an issue that Obamacare will take care of and which the former governor of Massachusetts has pledged to repeal.

The man speaks and acts the moderate. Yet make no mistake - he is an extremist too.

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