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Blogging from the Olympic Park

A beer in hand at the Westfield viewing platform in Stratford. Okay, so Seb Coe's vision of legacy is not of a slightly podgy 30 something consuming alcohol whilst marvelling at a wonderful stadium, but it will do for me. The London games have invoked a community spirit that not even the Queen's Jubilee could come close to (then again I am a republican so I would say that), and as one of 7 million Londoners who lived through the 7/7 attacks a day after our great city won the games, this experience is pretty emotional. A gold for Team GB would make it exhilarating.
Yet I am also feeling nostalgic, melancholic. There was just something about that opening ceremony that warmed the heart. It had everything - it was indeed a love letter to Britain. You could just imagine Danny Boyle penning the script with his mates down the pub, where all the best ideas often come to little, except if you have £27 million to go out and spend and a political antennae as astute as his. Boyle's salute to the NHS, while right and inventive, also served as a warning to the austerity-mongers: you betray your nation if you continue to cut and tinker. The Olympics is working because true talent has been trusted - the politicians have taken a back seat (Mayor Boris Johnston's sole input appears to be some muffled message on the tube). They would be wise to do the same with the nation's health, rather than expose it to the failures of the market.

Location:Westfield Stratford City,London,United Kingdom

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