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Why the Ipad is different

Ever since I had a go on the Ipad last weekend (thanks Rob) , I've been trying to think about what sets it apart from all the other devices I've tried and desired. Is it the shape? Not particularly - it's just a bigger Iphone. Is it its touch screen interface? See last comment. Is it the speed in which you can browse the web and be able to go online without a lengthy start up ala PC and Mac? This is hardly exciting. You could always leave your existing computer on permanently, and get a faster wifi connection, to fill that little gap. Speed can satisfy but it can't inspire. Is it the keyboard? Well it's easier to email on than an iPhone but a keyboard is ultimately just a keyboard.

It's none of these things. It is, to summarise Fred Wilson's illuminating blog on the matter (thanks again for Tweeting this Rob), a machine that makes you feel... relaxed. It is a tool you can share with your friends and family. It is, peculiarly, sociable.

In Wilson's words:

Part of it is the fact that I can go out on my terrace with a cup of coffee, a glass of lemonade, or a glass of wine and do email in a relaxed mood. If my wife or kids interrupt me, it's easy to put the thing down and engage in a conversation. The iPad makes using a computer less of a commitment and that has important implications for the way I compute. I like how I feel when I am using the thing.

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