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Twitter, a force for good

The TV networks said that, to coin a phrase, it was the "TV wot won it", that Nick Clegg's strong performance in the debates effectively robbed the Tories of their majority. Well Sky would say that, wouldn't they? The politicians may not have effectively used Twitter, other than Sarah Brown, but the voters did. Chris Grayling's homophobic comments became far more widely disseminated as a result of Twitter chatter. Likewise, the dawn of the Twitition has become the fastest way to gather opinion and to apply pressure on Parliament.

Using social media in this way is the 21st Century equivalent of flying pickets. Unions such as Unite use it to inform members about the latest strike action with British Airways. Twitter is the reason I know where and when there will be a demonstration to change the electoral system: 2PM Parliament Square, Saturday, in case you are interested. Hope to see you there.

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