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The twits and I

With the exception of Faisal Islam, who is a very nice chap, there are some rather silly people out there, as my tweets show. Yes, folks, they actually say these things on Twitter. I couldn't let them get away with it and so below their comments are some of the messages I sent them.

Greg Hands (Conservative MP for Chelsea and Fulham): Daily Mail Diary columns have now run 3 items from my Twitter feed in the last 12 days!
Nick de Souza: Whoever said self publication is dead is clearly dead.

Faisal Islam (Channel 4 news): Just waiting in Treasury courtyard to interview Chief Secretary to the Treasury LibDem David Laws.
Nick de Souza: Please say hi from – a teacher awaiting Building Schools for Future money for his run-down Victorian building housing 800 students.

Ed Miliband: Off with my family for a few hours. Will check in later
Nick de Souza: No elephant in the room there then.

David Miliband: Speech today said Labour must look outward and forward not inward and backward.
Nick de Souza: Great to see the days of soundbites and cliches are over then. Tell me, David, do you feel the hand of history upon your shoulder?

Nick Clegg: Yes to Lords reform, yes to poverty

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