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Take it Back

15:33 Well what a fantastic event. The energy for real change was clearly out on the streets of London. The campaign for PR must now spread wider, beyond the white liberal middle classes attending this event to the kitchens and the workplaces of all those people whose vote was wasted. Off now for my food walk - have a good day politicos

14:47: It's George Monbiot time - looks dashing in purple. "The more ghettoised the country the more it suits Labour and the Tories." FPTP leads to "class-based clusters".

14:37 Under First Past the Post, The Green Party needs to get 10 times the number of votes than Labour to get 1 seat in Parliament. A lone protestor calls out for the UKIP figure. Answer: a lot more, thankfully.

14:32 Mark Thomas is - brilliant: "PR would have given the Liberal Democrats 150 seats and maybe even a spine."

14:26 there is a banner behind the speakers that says "Count Us". Alas, the speakers are all standing in front of the letter O.

14:17 Excellent speech from a first time voter: "My generation is not apathetic - the system makes us apathetic."

14:12 Evan Harris: "you managed to hang the parliament" - this is no bad thing. Love the fact that he is saying this on a former site of public execution, opposite Parliament.

14:03 I am glad I spilt tomato juice all over my white shirt earlier. I changed into a purple one instead and lo! Everyone here is in purple!

Update: So I did ask someone - my mum. She happened to call a minute after posting this. She said "you just be careful". I did point out that Take it Back is not planning an attempt at violent revolution. However, if you are in the army and you happen to be at a loose end today, and if you care about our electoral system.... See you at the demo.

13:12 Went for a run around beautiful Streatham Rookery and am now waiting at the train station. Can't help but wonder how the person next to me thinks about electoral reform. Do they even know what it is? Shall I ask them? Will they think I am weird. It is a bit weird, to be honest.

10:30: Ok so this is going to be a peculiar day. I am off to my first demo since the Iraq War (and that didn't count as I just happened to walk past Trafalgur Square on my way home and found myself right next to a buring effigy of GW). For me, a fair eleectoral system is the key to a fair society and so I will
be in Parliament Square at 2pm
screaming "Fair Votes Now!" Nevertheless, I am a bit nervous. What if no one shows up? What if everyone on Twitter are all first past the posters like David Blunkett, using social media to send us all to the wrong place? What if HE is the man / woman behind Take Back Parliament, trying to get all the fair minded people into one place so MI5 can snap some pics? Please, God, no! Not MI5. Not David Blunkett.

Why a peculiar day? Well for a number of reasons. After the demo I am off to an Indian food walk where a cook takes you around Southall. What can I say? I have ecclectic interests.

Not as iffy as it looks

No relief