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No more third way please

Anthony Giddens is at it again. It was his third way that sought to reivigorate the left with the creation of New Labour, where there would be a middle ground between support for market action and the state provision. This amounted to, in his own words,

"A different relationship of government to business... recognising the vital role of enterprise in wealth creation and the limits of state power. No country, however large and powerful, could control that marketplace: hence the "prawn cocktail offensive" that Labour launched in the mid-1990s to woo the City of London."

Well that worked out just fine, for a few.

Giddens has again called for Labour to find a new third way, but if his ideas were wrong in the 1990s how can we trust him in the 21st century? Is there a third way when it comes to equality? Should there be a middle cround in persuing it? Surely the government has to be aggressive and quick in this area, rather than passive and gradual. Surely there can be no more third way.

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