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Lies, damn lies and statistics

What the media tells us: More women are in Parliament than ever before.

Fact: The UK has fewer female MPs than Rwanda. Only 21.5% of MPs are female, and many high profile women who have fought for women's rights actually lost their seats.

What the media tells us: Cameron will be and should be the next prime minister, as his party won the most votes.

Fact: The Conservatives won only a few votes more (36%) than the number of people who could have voted but chose not to (35%). This means only 1/4 of the total electorate actually voted for Cameron.

What the media tells us: Labour ran an awful campaign.

Fact: Only 900,000 fewer people voted Labour in 2010, compared with 2005. This is hardly a meltdown, and says more about how people feel about the Tories - that they are not particularly enthusiastic.

What the media tells us: The BNP were wiped out at this election.

Fact: Over a quarter of a million people voted for Nick Griffin's party, a massive increase on 2005's 100,000.

What the media tells us: The Liberal Democrats are not as popular as they thought they would be.

Fact: They increased their vote, even though they lost seats. The electoral system saw to it that even those who wanted to vote for them didn't do so for fear of letting in a party they really didn't like. This suggests that if a proportional system was used for this election, the Liberal Democrats could have surpassed Labour.

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