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I am member 63

London is the most unequal society in the Western world, according to Danny Dorling. His new book claims the top 10% of Londoners has on average a wealth of £933,563 compared to £3,420 of the poorest 10%. Therefore, the richest Londoner has 273 times more money than the poorest.

It is of some interest then that so few London MPs have signed the Equalities Trust pledge, which commits them to supporting policies that would narrow this divide. Of the capital's 73 MPs, only 39 signed up. While over 70% of Labour and Lib Dem politicians agreed to the pledge, only 21% of Conservatives thought the issue seemed important enough.

It is statistics like these that led me to attend my first meeting of the London Equality Group, a regional offshoot of the Equalities Trust. I am member 63. If you wish to become 64, click here.

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