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Four Lions - Film of the Year

Some say you shouldn't make a comedy out of al qaida. But Why not? 'Allo 'Allo managed pretty well on the German occupation of France, and wasn't that a bigger thing?

The risks are manifold. Firstly, it has to be funny, and secondly, it has to recognise putting on a vest and blowing up humans as inherently wrong. Four Lions does both, masterfully... I laughed out loud at the ineptness of a suicide bomber accidently blowing up a sheep, yet at the same time was disturbed at Riz Ahmed's character reading stories about jihad to his young son.

Director Chris Morris, he of Brass Eye fame, has done for fear of suicide bombers what he did previously for dislike of paedophiles. He put the threat in context, and in doing so has exposed the media hysteria, and the knee-jerk reactions of politicians. He shows that, in reality, terrorists are often foolish, primative and even dim-witted. The shoe bomber and the Times Square terrorist both cocked it up, after all.

Ahmed, who puts in a fine performance as cell leader Omar, summed it up when The Guardian's Film Weekly asked whether he had any misgivings about "humanising" terrorists:

"What are they if they aren't human?"

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