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Who is the real "boss"?

A "boss" is someone who is thought of as incompetent, as dislikable and as an individual we must put up with, even if their mannerisms and views are intolerable. A "leader" is someone we admire, follow and look up to, someone to whom we seek advice from and to whom we are happy to be deferential. The British media use these words very carefully, according to Politics Weekly's Anne Perkins, in order to promote a right wing agenda.

A leader of a union is automatically called a "boss", even if their members respect them and almost always vote in favour of the suggestions they make (witness the hundreds of thousands of public sector workers who will agree with their union leaders this summer and take industrial action to protect their modest rates of pay). A boss of a company, meanwhile, is always referred to as a "leader", even if they have lost money, shed jobs and paid out billions in bonuses.

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